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Public Speaking and Coaching – Fabio Padilla

Contact Information

contacto@fabiopadilla.com; padilla.fabio@gmail.com 

Website http://www.fabiopadilla.com

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Project Leaders

Fabio Padilla Castro

Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist

Alumnis involved

Fabio Padilla Castro

Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist


- To promote Leadership and Competitiveness with real actions and projects at national/local level - To inspire new leaders / committed followwers - Multiplier effect in Latinamerica (focus in Colombia and Brazil) - Social inclusion of people with disabilities - To promote Sustainability and Sustainable development (including CSR Corporate Social Responsibility)


Public Speaker. Main topics: - Leadership, Work safety, Projects Management, Motivation, Change, Innovation and Competitiveness. - Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility CSR, among others. Business and social development oriented entrepreneurship. http://fabiopadilla.com/

Strategic Allies

- Ardila Lulle Organization (My sponsor from Colombia)- Events and Marketing company in Colombia- Wheelchair Tennis NGOs and clubs in Colombia and Brazil- Training Provider in Brazil- Work safety speaker's association in Brazil- Harvard Extension School (Sustainability Program)- FUNBOLIDER- Brazilian Tennis Federation- Army Club from Brasilia- Medical Association from Brasilia AMBr

- My current (ANAC) and previous government organization (FNDE) have always supported every initiative and project regarding accessibility, sustainability and social inclusion within the scope of my job and their formal institutional competencies.

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