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Project replicability in Colombia (View more)

Alumnis from Colombia (View more)

Bryann Esteban Avendano

GCL 2018

Leader of STEM education and Director of Education in ScienteLab at CoSchool / ScienteLab / Teach For All

Maria Victoria  Rubiano Rubiano

GCL 2017

Environmental & Project Manager at Reserva Natura Park

María Alejandra López Álvarez

GCL 2018

Regional Manager at Charly.io

Projects/Initiatives implemented in Colombia (View more)

Alumnis living in Colombia (View more)

Nicolás Campo

GCL 2015

IR - History - Latin American Affairs

Institutions from Colombia (View more)

Colombian Institute of Educational Credit and Technical Studies Abroad ICETEX

Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of Colombia

City of Cali

United Nations Development Program

United Nations Development Program

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