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Fabio Padilla Castro

Fabio Padilla Castro

Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist

Mechanical Engineer - Paralympic athlete (wheelchair tennis) and Public Speaker

GCL 2009 Colombia




Results Driven Engineer, MBA/ Team Leader

Engineer with diverse international experience: consulting, industrial security, construction, telecommunications, government and sustainability. MBA degree from Brazil, specialized training in Finland and Japan, and a Global Leadership program in Georgetown University. Work and academic experience in different regions of the world, fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese and proficient with software and ever-changing technology. Graduate level Professional Certification in Sustainability from Harvard University – Extension School.

Core Competencies:

•     Projects Management

•     Engineering and Social Projects

•     Business administration

•     Global Competitiveness. Green trends / business

•     Disability/Accessibility

•     Strategic Planning for Projects and Business

•     Energy, Telecom, Government

•     Tech Specifications / Documents / Manuals

•     Teams Coordination / Training

•     Proposals/presentations/C-level Documents/reports

•     Leadership & Entrepreneurship

•     Commercial Training

•     Sustainability / CSR

Achievements Or Awards

Awards and acknowledgments as a Leader and Sportsman:- Award of merit for Colombia - for my job as a General Coordinator of the DF WHEELCHAIR TENNIS OPEN International Tournament in Brasilia (5 countries and 44 athletes). April 2013

- Gold, silver and bronze medals. National Paralympic Games in Colombia – 2004 aand 2008

- National award “Star of Hope” from CIREC Foundation in Colombia, for his work leading and promoting wheelchair tennis.

- No. 1 of DF’s ranking, Brazil 2012. 5th in the Brazilian Masters 2011.

- Third place in Bogota and Soacha half marathons 2005 – Handcycle racer.

- Winner of scholarships with JICA in Japan (Tokyo and Hiroshima) and with Ardila Lulle business group for GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY (Washington DC) through national contests.

- ITF (International Tennis Federation) considers Colombian Silver Fund Project (coordinated by Fabio) as one of the most successful in the world.

- Winner ESPN Latin-America contest for Andre Agassi’s signed racquet to “the best reason to win”.

- Special prize from Discovery Channel, program SURVIVORS, for the story of his life and accident with NOKIA.

- Many cups and medals as participant of the NEC Wheelchair Tennis tour, with more than 120 tournaments yearly around the world (USA, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Brazil, etc.)

- Finalist (among 152 proposals from 23 countries) of IADB Interamerican Development Bank’s contest, World of Solutions: Innovations for People with Disabilities - 2009.

- Honourable Mention Bogotá Council "for his invaluable contribution to paralympic sport"

- Acknowledgment Mention – Senate from Republic of Colombia

- COCA-COLA special prize Latin Center Division, in acknowledgment to "the work that contributes to build a better country". "Toma lo bueno" Campaign.

- Translator and Reviewer of TED Talks, Ideas worth Spreading www.ted.com


Mechanical Engineer - Paralympic athlete (wheelchair tennis) and Public Speaker


Wheelchair Tennis, TED ideas, Swimming, hand-biking, Investing

Job Experience

Professional Experience  -  19 YEARS (8 engineering / 7 non-profit / 6 Government)


- Currently working for the National Civil Aviation Agency - ANAC

- National Development Fund for Education - FNDE (2013-2017) 


- Entrepreneur: FP PALESTRAS E CURSOS – Freelance Professional.  (2008 – 2013)



Silver Fund Project Leader for Colombia (2003–2008).  5 Years Plan

- IBM ColombiaSoftware Sales Specialist for México (iSSR) (2004 – 2006)

- NOKIA ColombiaInstallation Planner Engineer (1999-2001).  Also contracts on 2002 and 2004

Projects in VENEZUELA (Digitel Corporation), ARGENTINA (Telefonica) and BOLIVIA (Nuevatel - Viva Gsm)

Additional Experience: Previous positions as engineer in several engineering/consulting companies (Colombia), government (Colombia). Diverse Entrepreneurial Experience.

Higher Education

Master's degree


Public Speaking and Coaching – Fabio Padilla

Volunteer jobs: • FBT’s Wheelchair Tennis Department Director. Successful partnerships established for regional tournaments and General Coordinator of international event organized in Brasilia, April/2013 (5 countries, more than 40 athletes) • Partner of “Empowered Voices” NGO working in Community Development Projects in Uganda, Africa (Colleagues from Harvard) http://empowered-voices.org/2012/03/21/welcome-to-our-blog/ • TED Translator and Reviewer. (www.ted.com Ideas worth spreading)

ANAC Safety regional leadership

Increase aviation safety, Integration and ICAO standards implementation in the region


FP Palestras e Cursos

Freelance professional

National Aviation Agency of Brazil - ANAC

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