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Project replicability in Brazil (View more)

Alumnis from Brazil (View more)

Luiz Guilherme Priolli Fonseca e Carvalho

GCL 2020

Head Of Business Development at Temon Solar

Projects/Initiatives implemented in Brazil (View more)

Alumnis living in Brazil (View more)

Roberta Alcantara Machado

GCL 2009

Senior M&A Analyst at Anhanguera Educacional S/A

Manuela Perez

GCL 2017

Intern at Endeavor Global

Fabio Padilla Castro

GCL 2009

Civil Aviation Regulation Specialist at National Aviation Agency from Brazil - ANAC

Sillas Neves

GCL 2019

Partner at Zulmar Neves Advocacia

Institutions from Brazil (View more)

Minas Gerais State Government

Minas Gerais Governement

National Secretariat of Promotion and Defense of Human Rights, Brazil

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