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Andrés Aramayo Bejarano

Andrés Aramayo Bejarano


Licenciado en Creación y Desarrollo de empresas e Ingeniería financiera

GCL 2015 Bolivia



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Seleccion nacional de natacion


Licenciado en Creación y Desarrollo de empresas e Ingeniería financiera


Natación Racquetball Triatlon Música (guitarra y piano)

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AbInBev Tigo (Millicom) SNV Emprendimientos en: -Educacion -Negocios sociales

CEO and Founder Sueño Bolivia


Advisor of Public institutions

Higher Education

Bachelor's degree


Olimpiadas de Emprendimiento Bolivia

The ODEB2022, within the framework of Subo°, will be an instance that contemplates 2 actions: • Awareness, through Subo° promotion and dissemination of information on the importance of education for entrepreneurship and how through our entrepreneurial spirit we can find solutions to people's problems, desires or dreams. • Pre-incubation, through the ODE.BO2022, where young people from different schools and technical institutes will meet in order to develop in them an entrepreneurial attitude and life skills, in a space of interaction and integration, where through the transfer of knowledge about:  Financial Literacy  Entrepreneurship and Business.  creative economy The content is transferred through digital material, and is strengthened by classes and online courses, however, face-to-face workshops are planned in the final phases and with the young people who enter the final stages of ODE.BO2022. The content is self-developed and has been tested by more than 7,000 young people between 15 and 19 years old throughout the Bolivian territory, inside and outside the activities of the Entrepreneurship Olympics. In addition, learning will be strengthened using playful and gamified tools through the Learning Playing methodology, which allows a practical and entertaining space that achieves the application of knowledge. This methodology has been used for 12 years in all Latin American countries. -Create suitable environments for entrepreneurship. -Achieve experiences through training activities with a high motivational and playful component. - Awaken the entrepreneurial spirit in young people. - Promote agents of change (young people) capable of creating shared value and well-being. - Generate spaces to strengthen the next generation of entrepreneurs and businessmen, with full certainty that youth create value in everything they do. In addition, we propose to socialize the experience of Bolivian entrepreneurs in different fields, positioning them as role models for the next generation of entrepreneurs. Within the awareness and socialization activities, illustrations referring to the themes defined for the ODE.BO2022 will be worked on. The so-called awareness stage will contain motivational moments and knowledge and information transfers. In Motivational Awareness, the principles that drive the realization of the ODE.BO2022 related to the challenge for young people to: • Become agents of change with the ability to create shared value and well-being. • Manage to assume the role of transformers overcoming social events in the country and globally, creating a new normality that prepares them to grow and strengthen their life skills. The transfer of knowledge will be supported by messages that allow young people to understand the topic of entrepreneurship focused as an opportunity to face adult life. From the information, messages will be disseminated that recount the values ​​and learning obtained in the previous Olympics that can be reported from testimonies that can create a connection with the young people who are part of the same ethereal range. The guidelines and information on content and requirements for participation in the Olympics will be made in this stage reserved for triggering the call. All the materials to be produced will contain the space to mention the allies and present their brands, in addition to working on the messages from the main values ​​that drive them to be part of the ODE.BO2022, using specific testimonials and invitations in their tones and calls. to be part of the event. In dissemination, work will essentially be done through social networks in the specific and characteristic languages ​​of each virtual platform used. In the case of obtaining the necessary support for greater dissemination, the awareness-raising and convening process can be carried out through advertising in the media and media rounds in which the allies and the ODEB 2022 team will participate as spokespersons. . Young people between 17 and 23 years old from all over the Bolivian territory will compete However, the educational space will be open to those who want to access the content, this being a democratized space that aims to transfer functional knowledge to anyone who wants to awaken their entrepreneurial spirit.

Subo - Sueño Bolivia

We improve Bolivian education trough technology and democratizing oportunities we operate that trough www.ode.bo and www.eduten.com in an alliace with Momento Cero / Kenneth G GCL From chile. Morever we are seeking to reduce de dependance of natral resources trough tourism, we create www.orbita.bo and


Subo - Sueño Bolivia

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