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Olimpiadas de Emprendimiento Bolivia

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andres@subo.boLa Paz, Bolivia Achumani calle 20 #200

Website http://www.ode.bo - www.subo.bo

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Isidora Rojas

Directora Ejecutiva


Create an education space for entrepreneurship for young people


• Awareness, through Subo° promotion and dissemination of information on the importance of education for entrepreneurship and how through our entrepreneurial spirit we can find solutions to people's problems, desires or dreams.• Pre-incubation, through the ODE.BO2022, where young people from different schools and technical institutes will meet in order to develop in them an entrepreneurial attitude and life skills, in a space of interaction and integration, where through the transfer of knowledge about:

 Financial Literacy Entrepreneurship and Business. creative economy 

Strategic Allies

o Coca Cola Foundation: Fully confirmed its participation and with partial financing of the initiative. A sustained work has been preliminarily agreed for the next steps, a situation that will be analyzed in November 2022.o Fundación Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz: the presentation of the proposal has been made, which will be presented in the 2023 programming since its budget and activities are approved in the month of August of each administration. However, for the 2022 stage, the possibility of supporting the promotion of the event through the networks of strategic allies with whom they have been working for more than 10 years has been confirmed, as well as support through communication platforms related to the CSR area. from the BMSC, as well as four full scholarships for the Olympiad finalists (subject to social evaluation).o REINVENTARSE: Once their participation is confirmed, they will support mentoring and other CSR programs. They will be held as a liaison in territory at CBBA.

o Momento Cero and Fundación ENTERPRENEUR: confirmed their participation, support in the use of methodologies, strengthening of the curriculum and articulation with regional Olympics.

o Bolivian Private University: several proposals have been generated for their participation, the last one they have proposed is based on generating actions for the participation of their students and support with infrastructures in LPZ, CBBA and SCZ for face-to-face workshops, which is under analysis by part of our team.o University of Cambridge: the participation of the Cambridge Business Association has been confirmed, through which they will endorse the training process and we will generate the respective certifications for the participants with their seal.• Cooperation Organizations: articulation of programs in execution process related to the entrepreneurial system of young people, recruitment of networks or groups of populations with which they work permanently in different territories of the country, as well as support with resources in the promotion, dissemination and financing of the ODEB2022.o UNDP: there have been spaces for articulation, their participation has been confirmed, and support through their different youth programs and platforms.o IDB, CAINCO and Fundación IES: Coordination with existing programs, execution is joint with CAINCO and Fundación IES, who intend that the ODEs can be sustained for a period of no less than 5 years. The resources come through an IDB LAB project in favor of the entrepreneurial ecosystem

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