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Leonardo  Nunes

Leonardo  Nunes

CEO Co-Founder


GCL 2017 Chile




Public speaking and speech delivery as well as Pitch Training.

Achievements Or Awards

Over 3 years of experience leading and growing a biotech company in Latin America. I've raised over 400.000 USD in non dillutive funding for my company, currently finishing a seed investment of 500.000 USD from a private investor group. Novalact was part of the 10th generation of Startup Chile.  I was a finalist of the GIST TECH-I competition in 2014 and participated at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit in Morocco. I was selected as one of the young world leaders in biotechnology by Global Biotech Revolution and attended the Gap Summit 2016 in Cambridge. 




Karate, Podcasting,

Job Experience

3 + Years as CEO and Co founder of Novalact Life Sciences. 1 Year as Co Founder of Novalact Food Technologies. 9 Months as an Accounting analyst for LATAM Airlines Group. 2 Years as Founder and Host of "La Republica Democratica de Leo" Podcast.

Higher Education

Business Major. 


Novalact Life Sciences

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