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Project replicability in Chile (View more)

Alumnis from Chile (View more)

Pia Greene

GCL 2007

Jefa de División de Seguridad Pública at Ministerio del Interior y Seguridad Pública Chile

Javiera  Echenique

GCL 2017

Project Manager at QPX

Projects/Initiatives implemented in Chile (View more)

Alumnis living in Chile (View more)

Daniela Illanes Illanes Portugal

GCL 2010

Subgerente de Inversiones at Caisa Agencia de Bolsa

Juan Cristóbal Portales Echeverría

GCL 2007

PhD candidate at Universidad Complutense Madrid

Valentina Papic

GCL 2020

Head Innovation Area at Hogar de Cristo Foundation

Kenneth Gent Franch Gent

GCL 2014

Socio cofundador at Momento Cero - Fundación Entrepreneur - Open Box Consulting - ValueNet Latam

Institutions from Chile (View more)

Ministry of the Interior, Chile

Illustrious Municipality of Penco

Ministry of Health, Chile

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