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Francisco Abad

Francisco Abad

Executive Director

Executive Director - CODEISPolitical Science and International Studies MajorLeadership MinorPublic Administration and International Development Masters

GCL 2019 Ecuador


Non Profit


Leadership School Scholarship Recipient Fundación FIDAL, led by former Ecuador President Rosalía Arteaga

• 2016-17 South America Coordinating Ambassador of One Young World, leading the ambassador community in the region

• Coordinator of B Multipliers - Quito, volunteers promoting B Corps in the enterprise and startup ecosystem

• Founder and President of Social Innovation Society at LSE (2015-16)

• Team Leader of Hult Prize Dubai regional finalist team KENEKTA

• Ambassador of Yunus & Youth 2015 – Online Social Enterprise Incubator

• Founder and Co-President of LSE Ecuadorian Society (2014-15)

• Student Representative of Student-Staff Liaison Committee of the Institute of Public Affairs at LSE 2015

• President of Student Government Association at ETBU 2010-11

• Invited International Keynote Speaker at Third National Convention of Youth Colombian Leaders in 2014

• Ambassador for Ecuador at One Young World since 2011

• Andean representative for Central Leadership Council of International Youth Ambassadors Network 2010-2012

Delegate Speaker at One Young World 2011 (Zurich, Switzerland)

• Head Delegate for Harvard Model UN 2012 and American Model UN 2010 for ETBU

Achievements Or Awards

Global Shaper – World Economic Forum

• Recipient of the “Excellence Scholarship” awarded by the Ecuadorian national government

• StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow

• Best Political Science Student at ETBU - 2012

• Member of National Honors Society Alpha Chi 2010-2012

• Dean’s List with Honors (all semesters) 2009-2012

• Who is who in American Colleges and Universities 2012

• Ecuadorian Youth Ambassadors representative at International Youth Ambassadors Summit in Panamá for the creation of International

Youth Ambassadors Network 2010

• “Opportunity Scholarship” recipient from the US Department of State to pursue undergraduate studies in the USA - 2008

• One of two Ecuadorian Youth Delegates at CENIT International Young Congress - 2008

• Selected as one of the fifteen first Youth Ambassadors of Ecuador in 2007 to travel to the USA for a cultural exchange


Executive Director - CODEIS

Political Science and International Studies Major

Leadership Minor

Public Administration and International Development Masters


Lift Weights, Dance Salsa and Bachata, Video Games, Basketball, To watch Football Soccer. 

Job Experience

CODEIS – Executive Director/ Quito, Ecuador (April 2017 – Present)

o Merge Hult Prize National Program to be operated by local nonprofit entity

o Partnered with Net Impact to bring organization to Ecuador

o Partnered with Circle of Young Intrapreneurs to scale community to Latin America

o Created World Change Makers Academy to teach social enterprise to the Bottom of the Pyramid, pilot in Ecuador

o Sold $115,000 in services for earned income

• Net Impact Quito Chapter – Chapter Lead / Quito, Ecuador (December 2018 – Present)

o Build Community of purpose driven professionals in Quito and support universities to open their Net Impact Chapter

o Merge international initiative to CODEIS for operational purposes and international opportunities for CODEIS

• The Circle of Intrapreneurs – Regional Director / London, UK (August 2018 – Present)

o Lead the opening of 15 chapters in Latin America through National Directors and Chapter Leads

o Merge international initiative to CODEIS for operational purposes and international opportunities for CODEIS

• Hult Prize Ecuador - National Director / Quito, Ecuador (September 2016 – Present)

o Raised $100,000 so far

o Hult Prize is considered the “Nobel Prize of students” by Nobel Laureate Mohammed Yunus, and 1 of the 5 ideas changing the world by Bill Clinton. Every year Hult Prize issues a social challenge to be solved by university students through social enterprise with the ultimate prize of 1 million dollars seed capital to create the venture. It has reached more than 1000 universities around the world and created the biggest for-good youth movement in the world.

o Hult Prize Ecuador grew from 0 universities in Ecuador in 2016 to 47 universities in 2018, awarding more than $50,000 in seed capital to local social entrepreneurs and reaching around 45,000 youth with the concept of social enterprise

o Won bid to host Global Semi-finals in Quito (first Latin American city to host a Hult Prize Semi-Final)

o Report to Board of Directors and Hult Prize Foundation

Universidad San Francisco de Quito – Entrepreneurship Professor / Quito, Ecuador (January 2017 – December 2018)

o Teach the entrepreneurship class at the best university in Ecuador. Topics covered are: Design Thinking, Business Modeling,

Value Proposition Design, Prototyping, Financial Modeling, 4th Industrial revolution, Team Dynamics, Fundraising and

Venture Capital, Intercultural Communication, B Corps, Social Entrepreneurship, Market Analysis, Storytelling, Pitching,

Lean Startup Methodology.

• Social Enterprise Consultant (May 2017 – December 2017)

o Give workshops, business development and strategy consulting for social enterprise and startup ecosystem builders. Clients

have been: Fundación Ciudadanía y Desarrollo, Fundación Fidal, Kiwanis International, Children International, IMPAQTO,

Grupo Faro, AEI, Waykana Guayusa, Maquinas EC, Handeyes, Sais3D, Poliestudios, Sistema B.

• NairoBits Trust (International NGO) –Business Model Innovation Consultant / Nairobi, Kenya (November 2015 – June 2016)

o Conduct evidence based consulting for NairoBits with a team of 4 alongside the Innovation and Co-Creation Lab at LSE.

o Innovate current Business Model to create financial sustainability for the Trust.

o Conduct Field Work in Nairobi in April gathering evidence for the final recommendations.

o Final Report: From Donation Dependent NGO to Hybrid Self Sustainable Social Enterprise: A Case Study of Nairobits Trust

• Oxford Policy Management – Capstone Consultant / Oxford, UK (September 2015 – May 2016)

o Consult with a team of five applying advanced econometric and statistic tools to evaluate the female labor outcomes of a

Conditional Cash Tranfer (CCT) provided by the BOTA Foundation in Kazakhstan through a Randomized Control Trial (RCT)

conducted by Oxford Policy Management (OPM).

o Final Capstone Report: Impact of the Conditional Cash Transfer Programme of BOTA Foundation on female labor outcomes

in Kazakhstan

• Social Media for Change SM4CH – Founder and CEO / Marshall, Texas, USA (September 2011 – August 2014)

o First attempt at social entrepreneurship during free time (while having a day job).

o SM4CH taught Democracy, Politics and Entrepreneurship through social media to youth in Latin America.

o Develop all legal documents, strategic plans, and curriculum with a team of 3 directors, 1 intern and 10 volunteers.

o Conducted two pilot series in El Salvador with volunteers, unsustainable practice that left the organization on hold.

• Bienvenidos Immigration Services, PLLC – Business Manager / Marshall, Texas, UK (January 2012 – August 2014)

o Manage legal services office working with corporate and immigration law. Reform collection system leading to a 200%

increase of business income in less than 1 year. Create internal processes for knowledge and client management.

• Organization of American States (OAS) – International Affairs Intern / Washington D.C., USA (September – December 2011)

o Elaborate analyses for Member States from the request of civil society organizations to register in the OAS.

Higher Education

Georgetown University (Washington D.C)

January 2019 –April 2019

Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (Full Scholarship) – Top 10 Best Projects World Change Makers Prize

Relevant Coursework: Personal Leadership, Adaptive Leadership, Ethical Leadership, Creative Leadership, Negotiations, Supply Chain Management, Peer Coaching, Business Model Innovation, Change Management, Global Competitiveness, Public Private Partnerships, Blockchain, Big Data, Text Mining, Open Innovation, Innovation in Emerging Markets, Venture Capital, Storytelling, Pitching.

• London School of Economics – LSE (London, UK)

September 2014 – July 2016

Master of Public Administration (MPA) in International Development – Merit

Relevant Coursework: Business Model Innovation at the Base of the Pyramid; Development Economics; Quantitative Approaches for Public Policy; Development in Latin America; Development Policy and Management.

• East Texas Baptist University - ETBU (Marshall-Texas, USA)

January 2009 – May 2012

BA in Political Science with minor in Leadership and second major in International Studies (World History Concentration)

GPA: 3.87/4.0 / Summa Cum Laude with Distinction in Political Science

Honors Project: “Relevance and Implications of 21st Century Socialism in Latin America: A Case Study of Ecuador (Grade: A+)


World Change Makers

At World Change Makers we seek to train, empower and equip vulnerable groups at the “Bottom of the Pyramid” in four groups: at-risk youth, migrants and refugees, women survivor of violence of all types, and people with sensorial disabilities. We teach them Leadership and Social Innovation as well as inserting them in the financial system and providing seed capital. We connect them to mentors and professional networks, and in 2020, we look to provide a basic life stipend. So far, we’ve generated more than USD100,000 in earned revenue from 2017 to 2019. For 2020 forward, we’re looking to raise around USD350000 per year so that we can fund 3 full 6-month World Change Makers Academy programs and ideally, raise double to make 6 programs per year for different groups. This would mean autonomy in the selection process and better results. Since 2016, we've adapted and localize international methodologies like Human Centered Design, Business Model Development, Value Proposition Design, Personal Finance Concepts, Pitching, among others to each group. For youth, we gamified and created games to teach, for refugees, we adapted the methods to match their culture. With the Global Youth Development Grant, we are finishing adapting the methodology for people with sensorial disabilities as well as for women survivors of violence.



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