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World Change Makers Homecoming

Contact Information

fabad@somoscodeis.org / José Correa E11-83, Quito Ecuador / +593998786739

Website https://www.somoscodeis.org/wcm-homecoming

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Project Leaders

Francisco Abad

Executive Director


To empower refugees, at-risk youth, women survivors of violence, and visually impeded people through leadership and social innovation training, connect them to capital, mentors, and networks to empower them to become changemakers that lead positive transformations in their communities sustainably.


  • Training in: 
    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Design Thinking for Bottom of the Pyramid
    • Value Proposition Design
    • Business Model
    • Pitching
    • Impact Measurement
    • Asset Mapping
  • Leadership: 
    • Adaptive Leadership 
    • Transformative Leadership
    • Negotiation
    • Corporate Governance
  • Follow up: 
    • Monitoring and evaluation through calls, surveys, and visits. 

Strategic Allies

  • IBD Lab
  • Embassy and consulate of the United States
  • Diálogo Diverso
  • Fundación Telefónica Movistar
  • GAD Municipal Pastaza
  • Prefectura de Los Ríos 
  • Prefectura Tulcán
  • Prefectura Carchi
  • GAD Montúfar
  • GAD Portoviejo

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