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RAIS- Red de Aprendizaje de Innovación Social

Contact Information

ARGENTINA - AEQUALES+ 54 911 5629 3309BOLIVIA - FUND. EMPRENDER FUTURO+ 591 787 78195COLOMBIA - AEQUALES+ 573 102 676631ECUADOR - FUND. AVANTI+ 593 22501690MÉXICO - FUND. SUM+ 525 567 280633PARAGUAY - KOGA IMPACT LAB+ 595 981 901702

Website http://raislab.org/

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RAIS, Red de Aprendizaje de Innovación Social, is a network for the learning of social innovation. We are creating a regional network that teaches and provides tools useful for the implementation of innovative concepts.


The first RAIS edition will be a regional offline/ online course about innovation. Every participant will work on the development of a project through which he will apply and practice the syllabus proposed by RAIS. The syllabus will cover different innovation subjects: Human centered design, collaborative work and project development, among others.

Strategic Allies

RAIS works as a partner with different local organizations. This is important because it is a way to create a regional project on a more efficient way. It has partnered with the organizations were the RAIS country leaders belong.The partners are: Aequales (Colombia, Perú, Argentina), Avanti (Ecuador), Fundación Emprender Futuro (Bolivia), Fundación SUM (México), KOGA (Paraguay).Other partners are: IBM, who has facilitated the Melian online platform for teaching.

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