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Formando Chile

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Website http://www.formandochile.cl

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My project is called "Formando Chile" (www.FormandoChile.cl). Formando Chile (FCh) is an independent foundation that seeks to generate social change by working directly with the people that lives in slums.


FCh bases its work on three main pillars, namely, 1) Education; We deliver free workshops in five schools, teaching different subjects like math, English, language, entrepreneurship, ballet and soccer through innovative methodologies (Education based on projects and with the student playing an active role) and a personalized dedication to the student. We currently count roughly 130 university volunteers who teach more than 350 students every week. 2) Community Service; Where we promote the organization and participation of residents in resolving neighborhood problems, by working together with neighborhood associations and local organizations. We also have a house in the commune where our directors live. 3) Critical Thinking; We create forums for discussion and reflection to create awareness of the country´s problems among the people. The aim is to generate proposals for solutions jointly with the people of the neglected neighborhoods because we firmly believe that they are the ones who suffers most from the problems caused by poorly planned public policies.

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