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Wendy Elizabeth Chávez Páez

Wendy Elizabeth Chávez Páez

Coordinadora de Proyectos entre Comunidades y Academia

EconomistMaster of Public AdministrationMaster of Human Settlements

GCL 2007 Ecuador


Languages: English, portuguese and spanish.

Achievements Or Awards

·        Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo. Conference: First International Seminar of Mangrove. Guayaquil, 13-15 November, 2019 in the area of: Ethnobiology.

ü  Co-author of the research "Livelihoods, food and environmental changes in a rural mangrove community". Authors: Beitl C., Chávez W., Vanegas W., Carvajal L., Zambrano G., Ramírez K., Jama J., Gortaire D.

·        AMPS Journal (Architecture, Media, Politics, Society). Conference: Education, Design and Practice - Understanding skills in a Complex World. New York, 17-18 June 2019.

ü  Author of the proposal, presented via video: "A Conversation of Sciences: Design Proposals for Climate Change Adaptation as Input and Vision for Innovative Policy Implementation".

·        5th. World Urbanism Forum. Leuven, Belgium, June 30, 2018.

ü  Author of the presentation of the "Socio-ecological conflicts and the challenges of climate change. Case Study: Mangroves Don Goyo, Gulf of Guayaquil ".

·         I Congress of Public Policies in Defense of Inclusion, Diversity and Gender ". University of Salamanca, Spain, 23-24 July 2018.

ü  Author of the paper "Successful practices in the community organization of the Gulf of Guayaquil and the ambiguous role of the state".

·         II Conference on Feminist and Gender Research. FLACSO, Quito, Ecuador, March 16. 2017

ü  Author of the paper "Reflections on obstetric violence in Ecuador". Co-author: Andrea Hernández Franco.

·        International University Competition of CIUHABITAT Preliminary Projects of the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing of Ecuador: Challenges of Popular Habitat in the Contemporaneous Global South.

ü  Results presented in HABITAT III, in the theme "Architecture and Urbanism with housing solutions in marginal urban settlements of Guayaquil, Ecuador", Quito, October 4, 2016.

ü  Winning team of second place with the project "Growing Neighborhood, (+) Growing Mangrove, (=) Growing City".

·        I International Congress of Research in Social Sciences CICCS 2016. Universidad Casa Grande, Guayaquil, Ecuador. September 21 and 22, 2016.

ü  Author of the Presentation "Intercultural Bilingual Education: Development of Indicators for Evaluation and Monitoring". Co-author: Mauricio Muñoz.



Master of Public Administration

Master of Human Settlements


Read and do volunteer work with the communities: Cerrito de los Morreños, Santa Rosa, Cristo Rey, Bellavista and Puerto Libertad.

Job Experience

Public Sector:

Senior Consultant. Field: Local Finance. Bank of Development of Ecuador

Chief of Staff and Adviser for the Andean Parlament, in Ecuador.

Chief of Training. Municipality of Guayaquil.

Director of Institutional Strengthening. Bank of State, Ecuador.


Academic Director of Universidad del Pacífico, Ecuador.

Higher Education

PhD candidate


Asistencia tecnica a comunidades que trabajan en ecosistema manglar

Brinda apoyo al manejo comunitario del manglar en 4 comunidades del Golfo de Guayaquil


Banco del Estado - Gerencia de Asistencia Técnica

Centro de Investigacion para el Desarrollo de la Universidad de Bonn

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