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Gustavo Flores Sánchez

Gustavo Flores Sánchez


Doctor of Science in Administration

ILG 2015 Ecuador



Achievements Or Awards

Gold Medal for Professional Merit as the best graduated among local universities of the province of Azuay, in the Business Administration major, College of Professional Administrators of Azuay, 2007. Honor Student with the gold medal for best graduate of Business Administration, Universidad Panamericana de Cuenca, 2005 Education, 2004. Honor Student with the gold medal for best graduate of the promotion of Bachelor in Business Administration, Panamerican Center for Higher. 

Designed the economic productive model for Azuay for the period 2013-2019, which included three public policies with their respective programs and projects: i) boosting the competitiveness and industrial innovation, ii) ensure food sovereignty, developing agro-productive capacities, and iii) promoting community ventures that would generate full employment. Managed the Industrial Plan of competitiveness and the strengthening of the MSMES in Azuay - through joint of public, private and academic institutions with funding from the European Union. Developed and implemented a system of innovation in the construction sector in the province of Azuay, through the articulation of public actors, private and international organizations.

Participated in the structure of the National Policy and the Agenda for the Productive Transformation for 2010-2012, where productive diversification strategies helped to identify territorial, political policies, cross-sectoral strategies, ratios and methodology for control of the Agenda of Productive Transformation in Region 6 (Azuay, Cañar and Morona Santiago).

Participated in the structure of methodological guides for lifting baselines for the national productive sectors, measurement and implementation of the inclusive income business impact and profitability of the base of the pyramid, with IDB financing. 


Doctor of Science in Administration


Job Experience

Gustavo is currently Professor - Researcher of the Business Research Group - GIE of the University of Cuenca, he teaches the chair of Finance and Decision Making. He has directed undergraduate and graduate theses and academic articles on topics such as Finance, Business Management Models for SMEs, Business Productivity and Business Models. He has written scientific articles that are published in prestigious indexed journals Scopus, Scielo and Latindex, his research areas are Operational and Corporate Finance, Banking, Business Performance and University-Company Relations.

His experience and work in the public sphere at the national, local and private levels, has allowed him to make contributions to the business and productive sectors, constituting strategic tools to support SMEs in the leather, textile, wood, agro-industrial, tourism and construction sectors among others. He is a consultant specialized in associative methodologies and tools for the promotion, training and development of productive chains, clusters, networks and business management for the improvement of the competitiveness of MIPYMES at national level.

He has Doctor of Science in Administration from the Universidad Nacional del Sur - Argentina, has an MBA from the Escuela Politécnica del Ejército, and also has a specialization in Competitive Management for SMEs at the Politecnico Internazionale per lo Sviluppo Industriale ed Economico- PISIE, Italy, a Diploma in Production Management from Florida Atlantic University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration, Excelsior College member of the State University of New York - USA.

Higher Education

Doctor of Science in Administration

Master of Business Administration

Bachelor in Administration Science

Bachelor in General Business 


Cuenca 2070

Articulación Pública - Privada - Académica


University of Cuenca

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