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Catalina Huidobro

Catalina Huidobro

Periodista - Journalist

GCL 2011 Chile




Trip planning, trip tips for fellow travelers and travel writing. 

Achievements Or Awards


Periodista - Journalist


Travelling, trekking, outdoor activities, politics, live music, biking, running.

Job Experience

Journalist and entrepreneur. My startup - Destinalo.com - is an online booking platform, specially dedicated to sustainable tourism destinations. Press representative for Europe of Turismo Chile, in charge of the relationship with the media and European journalists regarding the promotion of tourism in Chile. Editor and producer of several audiovisual productions for chilean tv and a documentary film about the civil society of the Caucasus region after 15 years of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Currently I'm working as chief of staff at Sernac (National Consumer Service) in Chile.

Higher Education

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