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Antonella Pelizzari Eyheramonho

Antonella Pelizzari Eyheramonho

Advisor on International Affairs

GCL 2019 Argentina



Achievements Or Awards



Job Experience

Antonella Pelizzari Eyheramonho is currently a senior advisor on International Affairs to the Office of the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina. She has worked in the G20 Leaders’ Summit, the Mercosur-UE Agreement, the WTO ministerial meeting, the UN General Assemblies, as well as more than 140 high-level bilateral meetings between Argentina and over 50 foreign governments. She was actively involved in developing the priorities of the G20 agenda, mostly around gender issues, on which she has a keen interest. Antonella’s previous professional experience includes working in International Organizations (ILO and ECLAC), as well as teaching, researching and coordinating academic programs. She is a member of the Latin American Committee in CARI, the main think-tank in Argentina and volunteers in non-profit organizations.

Higher Education

- Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (Georgetown University, 2019)

- MA in International Relations (Universidad del Salvador, 2015)

- BA in International Relations (Universidad del Salvador, 2013)


Office of the Chieff of Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina

Argentina's Government

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