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Alvaro Gonzalez

Alvaro Gonzalez


Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones

GCL 2018 Venezuela

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Ingeniero en Telecomunicaciones


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In the past 5 years we virtualized Venezuela’s entire high school curriculum using only the best teachers from the most prestigious private schools in the country. Over 1200 video-clases, 800 study guides and 500 practice tests were uploaded to our proprietary educational platform. This work allowed us to provide an Online Tutoring service for free to students that are currently going to a traditional face-to-face school and the Online High School service for those that can’t go to a traditional school. For the latter, we partner with local schools to provide accredited high school diplomas to our students. This business model has proven successful in Venezuela and Colombia. Our main clients have been the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Trinidad and Tobago, the Major League Baseball academies in Dominican Rep and other NGOs. In our B2C efforts, we have noticed that our most common students are teenage mothers, people with disabilities, adults, migrants, bullying victims and underprivileged youth. We achieved breakeven on May 2019 when we expanded our operations to Colombia successfully. Recently, we registered as an online private school in the Florida Department of Education.



Dawere is dedicated to developing e-learning solutions to modernize Latin America's educational systems. Our main services are the Online High School, Online Tutoring and Extracurricular Courses. So far, we can provide accredited high school diplomas from Colombia, Venezuela and the US.

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