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+57 3112231918


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Project Leaders

Lorena Gómez Ramírez

Regenerative expeditions/destinations designer


1) Generate re-connection with nature, human beings from all walks of life and oneself 2) Help host communities, destinations and travelers blossom 3) Open market opportunities for local/remote projects 4) Prejudice reduction through cross-cultural & interfaith dialogue 5) Strengthen healing, identity and dignity through host communities' storytelling 6) Increase global and local leaders' emotional awareness 7) Create decent jobs for social & environmental scientists 8) Transform existent narratives and imaginaries about and within Colombia and South America

Strategic Allies

-Partner Communities: Council of Indigenous Elders from South America (includes Misak, Wayuu, Pastos indigenous communities), Chingaza farmers Tour Guides Association, Duda river FARC Peace Route and Bogota's Paraíso Neighborhood

-Like minded travel agencies: History Travelers, Trip Trip, Get Up & Go, Caguán Expeditions

-South American Partners: Network of Peruvian and Ecuadorian experts & tour directors 

-International travel agencies: Untravelled Paths, ICCS-US

-Tour guides network around Colombia

-Endémica Studios Films

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