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Sergio Adrian Ruiz Giraldo

Sergio Adrian Ruiz Giraldo

Founder Thinktank, former Chief of Staff Vice Presidency of the Republic of Ecuador

ILG 2014 Ecuador




Skilled and experienced professional on legal advice, corporate and government affairs, public policies and project definition and construction. More than fourteen years’ experience on public policy and regulation and in-house legal advice, broad experience on public management, strategy, complex negotiations, corporate, public law.

Achievements Or Awards

- AsiaGlobal Institute, The University of Hong Kong, AsiaGlobal Fellow, Hong Kong, 2020.• Georgetown Latin American Board scholarship recipient (2014).• Three times recipient of the Spanish Government’s Fundación Carolina scholarship (2003, 2006, 2007).• Malaysia’s Government scholarship recipient (2006).• Fundación para el Análisis y los Estudios Sociales FAES scholarship recipient, Spain (2004).• Ecuador’s Congressional Mention of Honor. Valdivia National Youth Competition (2004).• Ranked by the Spanish Government’s Fundación Carolina (Spain) as one of Ibero-America’s 50 best graduates (2003).



Job Experience

Higher Education


Vice Presidency of the Republic, Ecuador

Vice Presidency of the Republic


Consulting hub on legal, stretegy, public & corporate affairs, projects, investments, public policy, management 360º.

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