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Héctor Yépez Martínez

Héctor Yépez Martínez


GCL 2015 Ecuador



Achievements Or Awards




Job Experience

Currently Coordinator in Unit of Public-Private Partnerships, EPMMOP, Municipality of Quito, and President in the province of Guayas of the centrist political movement SUMA, led by Mauricio Rodas. I comment in the program #ConTodoRespeto of www.larepublica.ec and Radio Morena. I have written articles en El Universo, La República, Gkillcity, HOY, Brieffy, CRE Satelital and other media. I am member of the International Association of Constitutional Law and partner of the Río Guayas Rotary Club. Previously I worked as CEO of the law firm M∓ Legal and attorney in Consulegis Abogados, and have lectured law courses in the Universidad Católica Santiago de Guayaquil and the Universidad Técnica Empresarial de Guayaquil.

Higher Education

Lawyer, UEES


Manso Guayas

Manso Guayas is a citizen initiative led by Héctor Yépez to create awareness and political pressure in order to dredge the river Guayas, whose watershed is the home of 40% of Ecuadorians, given the imminent threat of a strong presence of El Niño in the Pacific coast.

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