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Gustavo A. Román

Gustavo A. Román

General Coordinator at Fundación Tropicalia

NGO Manager

GCL 2015 República Dominicana


Non Profit

Achievements Or Awards

- Scolarship from the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Tecnology of the Dominican Republic: grand of 35,000 USD- Scolarship from Cisneros Group of Business and the Latin American Board of Georgetown University: grand of 25,000 USD


NGO Manager


Travel, food.

Job Experience

As General Coordinator of Fundación Tropicalia, I am responsible for oversee the efficient execution of more than 15 socioeconomic, community development programs in the areas of education, productivity, environment, culture and well-being, valued globally at USD$3MM. The creation of a Youth Leadership Program in public high schools, the recovery and maintenance of twelve schools in Miches, the execution of a scolarship program, and the the construction/recovery of 1,600 sq feet of green houses to improve productivity in the municipality, all this with comunity participation, are some of my acomplishments.

Higher Education

Master's degree


Cisneros Group of Companies

Proyecto Tropicalia

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