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Carlos Garza

Carlos Garza


GCL 2007 Mexico


Non Profit

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Paz es… (Non Governmental Organization) CEO Paz es... is a Non Profit Organization based in Monterrey México that promotes civic engagement as a means to a stronger civil society in order to achieve peace. Currently Paz es. has four main projects: • Ciudadano Ejemplar which promotes positive role models and is broadcast through local TV stations. • Prácticas de Buen Vecino which promotes positive relationships between neighbors. • Foro de Compromiso Ciudadano a trimestral event that unites leaders from our community in order to establish common goals surrounding Peace Education, Culture of Lawfulness and Citizen Engagement. • Paz a la voz, a weekly radio program that is consistently in the Top 10 audio Podcasts in the Non-Profit section of iTunes. In 2010 and 2012, Paz es… promoted an agreement between the Inter-American Development Bank and the local government in order to implement the Survey of Citizen Culture in Monterrey Nuevo León.

Higher Education

Global Masters in Business Administration  Thunderbird School of Global Management/Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey  Glendale Arizona, USA / Monterrey Nuevo León, México  2011-2013




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