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Projects in Sustainability (View more)

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Jaime Burbano De Lara

GCL 2023

CFO / Senior Associate at Entoria / Barka Capital

Florencia Mesa

GCL 2023


Daniel Rivas

GCL 2023

Mechatronics Engineer / Reactor CEO at Reactor

Institutions in Sustainability (View more)

Programando Paraguay

Programando Paraguay is an initiative that aims to promote the learning and development of programming and technology skills in Paraguay. It offers various programs and activities to engage and educate individuals interested in coding and technology. While I cannot provide detailed information about specific activities in Itapúa, the website should contain information about the organization's programs, events, and initiatives in the region. You can visit the website and explore the different sections to learn more about their activities, projects, and how they contribute to the local community.

International Medical Corps

"International Medical Corps is a global, nonprofit, humanitarian aid organization that provides emergency medical services, healthcare training and capacity building to those affected by disaster, disease or conflict. It seeks to strengthen medical services and infrastructure in the aftermath of crises."

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