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Vanessa Canete

GCL 2023

Managing Director at Willdom

Florencia Mesa

GCL 2023


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WillDom's dream was born from the idea of connecting opportunities by helping US tech companies work with developers from all the world. This way, we provide a great opportunity for companies in search of great talent, while bringing the most challenging and cutting-edge projects to talented teams. Through our web-based platform, we centralize the collaboration and communications so each team member can see the value they are contributing and the way it is channeled and enhanced by the rest of the team. In many respects, technology can be a great equalizer. It’s our goal to become an indispensable global hub that connects companies and talent in a quick, efficient manner.

Girls Code

Our organization is more than just a program, it's a movement to inspire young girls to be the trailblazers of tomorrow. Our team is dedicated to empowering girls and young women to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers. We understand the importance of catching them early, as this is the critical age range when girls often lose interest in science and technology. Through our program, we offer girls the tools, knowledge, and support they need to become leaders in their field.

Programando Paraguay

Programando Paraguay is an initiative that aims to promote the learning and development of programming and technology skills in Paraguay. It offers various programs and activities to engage and educate individuals interested in coding and technology. While I cannot provide detailed information about specific activities in Itapúa, the website should contain information about the organization's programs, events, and initiatives in the region. You can visit the website and explore the different sections to learn more about their activities, projects, and how they contribute to the local community.


We are Reactor, an engineering company with a black-belt in creativity focused on restoring our environment.

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