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Institutions in Entrepreneurship




GovLink is a Peruvian startup GovTech that started to be incubated in 2019, and which platform was launched on 10th May 2021, being the first Spanish speaking bonding Govtech platform in the regional market. GovLink is defined as a matchmaking GovTech platform that intends to link the Ibero-American technological supply that has been neglected by the different levels of administration, with the focus in regional and local governments, as a broker GovTech, all centralised in only one digital point. GovLink wants to be a showcase or promotional display for the GovTech supply and demand, contribute with the education of the civil servants and the startups GovTech professionals, also includes the component of regulatory analysis and public policy to incorporate its Regulatory Sandbox and seeks the strengthening of the dialogue and exchange of knowledge through the organization of events and activities.

The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center

The Tropical Agricultural Research and Higher Education Center is an international institute for agricultural development and biological conservation in Central America and the Caribbean, combining science, education and innovation.

Bernal & Franco

Law Firm based in Bolivia, focused on corporate advice for foreign investment, tech-based entrepreneurship, venture capital deals and digital platforms.


A vibrant place where innovation ecosystems (cities, companies, universities, teams) can share their challenges, co-create together and reach amazing solutions, Online, Collaborative and remarkably simple

Ministry of Economic Development and Production - Government of Buenos Aires City

Government institution thats belongs to the Government of the City of Buenos Aires


Proyecto Cardigans


Centro de Politicas Públicas UC

Cámara de Comercio de Pereira

Sonidos de la Tierra

Face All

Universidad Central de Venezuela

Federación Ecuatoriana de Exportadores FEDEXPOR

FEDEXPOR is the only Ecuadorian exporters association. Founded in 1976, with headquarter in Quito and branches in Guayaquil, Cuenca and Manta, FEDEXPOR represents more than 80% of the non-petroleum products exports, having the most renown companies and other trade associations.

Cisneros Group of Companies

Startup Mexico

Music Muv

Jimenez&Buttazzoni Consultoría

www.jimenezbuttazzoni.com Consultores en Estrategia Política | Comunicación Política | Investigación de Opinión Pública | Gestión e Innovación | Desarrollo de la Sociedad Civil


Aims to articulate and support small farmers from Venezuela with sustainable local solutions in order to sell their products in a competitive market.

FP Palestras e Cursos

Freelance professional

Fundación Entrepreneur

Realizamos iniciativas de impacto social, por medio de la metodología Aprender Jugando.

Momento Cero (Mo.0)

Hacemos que aprender e innovar sea siempre entretenido

Fundación Sangre Panamá

Education on healthcare prevention and blood donation through partnerships with schools, universities and companies.

Dos Ortiz

Fundación Emprender Futuro

Fundación Emprender Futuro

Girls Code

Our organization is more than just a program, it's a movement to inspire young girls to be the trailblazers of tomorrow. Our team is dedicated to empowering girls and young women to become the next generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and change makers. We understand the importance of catching them early, as this is the critical age range when girls often lose interest in science and technology. Through our program, we offer girls the tools, knowledge, and support they need to become leaders in their field.

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