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Promotion of ENTREPRENEURSHIP to make “teenagents of change” on rural areas.

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Giovanna Cruz

Consultant on communication


Seeks to promote and strengthen entrepreneurial skills in students from the provinces of Peru, to in their communities which, even counting with several opportunities, are still passive and vulnerable to the poverty and inequality.


The strategy to implement, will work the objective based on two components: a. Component one: Training program (Oriented to teenagers) This component will implemented through training modules, it will be taught over six months with an appropriate methodology for the beneficiaries (theoretical training and experiential learning. b. Component two: Awareness Raising (Oriented to teenagers, teachers, parents and volunteers) This component will develop a campaign massive communication to spread messages that appeal to reasons and emotions of direct and indirect beneficiaries, so that the first ones to feel motivated for become agents of change and the second ones influence positively to that behavior.

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