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Nispero Project

Contact Information

Personal email address: salernofernando8@gmail.com
USA phone number: +17032139081
VE phone number: +584247697180
Website https://nisperoproject.com/

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Project Leaders

Alumnis involved

Constanza Maria Cintioni Ovejero

Directora General de ArticulaciĆ³n y Control de GestiĆ³n

Juan Ramos

Founder/ Business Development Manager


To make small-scale farmers significant producers. By giving market access power to the farmers, we can close the loop between food eaters and food makers. Increase profitability, farming extended services, and enlarge the pie.


- Partner with a local farmer.

- Develop a small sustainable farm pilot to be replicated at a human scale for the small-scale farmer's community.
- Ensure organic seeds and farming inputs micro-lending structure to support farmers.
- Stablish internet connection in our local partner, for farmer development. 
- Promote Nispero in media channels to raise attention to potential consumers. 
- Consolidate a mobile cold truck to solve storage, shipping, and distribution issues; making simple the food industry.
- Validate the model and get closer to a franchise model that adds value to local productions and create value chains in a sustainable way.

Strategic Allies

- Bancolombia.

- Mauro Seeds.
- Avenext Green Day.
- World Central Kitchen.
- Regenera Consultora.
- Agro-tributos.
- Rico & Asesores.
- Lega Law. 

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