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GCL 2020: January 27- April 2, 2020

On Monday, January 27th, LALP opened the 14th edition of its Global Competitiveness Leadership Program (GCL). This year, 38 emerging leaders will participate in this 10-week program which aims to empower emerging leaders to become strong agents of change in Latin America.

GCL 2020 projects include initiatives on citizen participation, public policy evaluation, early childhood, entrepreneurship, financial literacy, gender equality, AI, education, access to justice, rural areas, media, food sustainability, environment, employment, arts & culture, and many more. Follow us on twitter and join us for the program culmination activities the week of March 30, 2020 at Georgetown University:


- FINAL PITCH SHOWCASE - April 1, 2020

- GCL 2020 GRADUATION - April 2, 2020

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